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Goodbye from Ms. Cheng

Ms. Cheng

Dear East-West,

I joined East-West in December of 2010. So much has happened in the past year!

It has been an absolute pleasure and honor to be a part of East-West. Now, it is the time for me to begin a new chapter in my life. My last day at East-West was on Friday, February 17th. I began a new position at the American Museum of Natural History this week during break.

During my time at East-West, I completely updated the layout and content of our website to better reflect the accomplishments and goals of our great school. I also started the Life at East-West and Student Life blogs to share the great things happening at our school. I created a nonprofit foundation to support our fundraising efforts, as well as promotional materials, and press releases. In particular, I enjoyed facilitating meetings of our Community Advisory Board and learning about their history and contributions as local community activists and also supporting Hiba Rashid as our Student News Intern in her efforts to become a professional journalist. Notably, I achieved 100% collection of lunch forms and a successful Title I audit which will help ensure funding for East-West.

I learned so much during my time here. There is really no other school like East-West. Most of all, I will miss the people here. Thank you all for supporting me.

With enormous admiration and respect,

Ms. Cheng

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This feature will highlight our new staff members this year. Welcome aboard!

Ms. Zucker

Ms. Zucker
ESL and 6th grade Social Studies teacher

I began teaching at EWSIS in October of 2011. Previously, I taught at a middle school in District 30, Queens, for several years.

The one thing I really enjoy at East-West every morning is Muster. It’s a nice way to get the entire school body together when the day begins.

I love being an ESL teacher since I, too, learned English as a second language. My native language is Hebrew. Therefore, I can identify with my students.


Ms. Wilkerson

Math Coach

I am privileged to work with an outstanding group of math teachers. I began teaching math when I realized that most of the critical decisions we have to make in the U.S. and in the world require fluency in the language of mathematics. For decisions about the environment, toxins in our food, choices about medical procedures or personal finances, we need to be able to reason and communicate about numbers, trends and predictions. Advertisers and politicians often use statistics in odd ways and we – as consumers and voters – must try to see through possibly misleading inferences.

I teach in NYC because I want to help all students in urban areas to have access to a rigorous understanding of math and the opportunities for happiness that provides.

I lived and went to school in Switzerland for a year as a child, and as a young adult traveled around the U.S., Cambodia and Europe on several occasions. I have relatives in England and travel there every year to visit.

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