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At the crack of dawn, our 8th graders boarded a bus to spend this weekend visiting our nation’s capital.  One of their stops includes laying of a wreath in a ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington Cemetery.

Stay tuned for more photos from the Spy Museum, Pre-National Cherry Blossom Festival around the National Mall, presidential monuments, and museums galore.

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Forty-eight 8th grader students, five teachers and two parents are spending this weekend on a field trip to visit our nation’s capital.

Update from Mr. Oppenheim:

Team East-West has arrived at the Capitol and sent a delegation (photo below) to the senate. They will observe historic Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court confirmation vote! Rest of group on “standard tour”.

Delegation of 8th graders visiting our nation’s capital at the Capitol.

Stay tuned for more updates and photos from Washington D.C.

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Wishing safe travels to our fellow teachers, Mrs. Chang, Mrs. Rengifo, and Ms. Seide, who have spent months planning, organizing, and meeting with parents to ensure that our students: Corey Cheung, Mina Cheung, Destyn Hall, Karen Lin, Rita Lin, Dorothy Lu, and Heidi Tuyen experience all the wonders China and relations with our Sister School, Hangzhou No.14 Secondary School has to offer.

Getting ready to experience 15+ hours on an airplane.

Good Evening East-West,

We arrived in Hangzhou early this morning and had a very busy day! After enjoying an energy packed buffet breakfast, we were on our way to our sister school. There we had a meeting with the principal and some student ambassadors, a campus tour, and the opportunity to sit in on some AP classes.

Starting the day with a buffet breakfast with students from our sister school.

A large digital billboard welcomed us to Hangzhou No. 14 Secondary School.

Conference meeting with the principal and student ambassadors.

Our students exchanging contact information with each other.

Comparing one AP class from the next.

Great day for a tour of the campus.

Stay tuned to learn more about their experiences and view more photos from China…

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A once in a lifetime opportunity!

 Great honor!

Building strong bridges between New York City communities!

In recognition of our International Studies and as a gesture of friendship and collaboration among our diverse communities, the East-West School of International Studies is awarded 15 spots in the Grand Finale of the Gala Concert celebrating the 100th anniversary of the oldest continuously running theater in New York – The Folksbiene Yiddish Theater.

Since early January, Ms. Pechersky, an author and renowned specialist in Yiddish musical folklore, and Ms. Minckler, EWSIS music teacher, have been training our students in everything they need to meet the highest standards for the performance.

A very talented group of EWSIS students have been working hard to prepare for this historic event!  They will perform at Carnegie Hall among 250 children from many public, private, and performing schools.  Zalmen Mlotek, Folksbiene Artistic Director and Broadway producer, conductor, and pianist, will visit our school and give a Master Class to our singers on Wednesday, March 18.  They will perform with Itzhak Perlman, a virtuoso violinist, and other famous artists, on Tuesday, March 31.

Our East-West singers are very dedicated!  Students in grades 6-12 volunteered to rehearse weekly, to practice at home, and to attend a dress rehearsal on Sunday, March 29, in the city.

Ms. Pechersky is delighted she was able to arrange this collaboration with Carnegie Hall and the Folksbiene Theatre.  A special thanks to Ms. Minckler for her enthusiasm and flexibility, to Mr. Sherman, Mr. Kleiman, and Mr. Chang for supporting this project, and to the parents, whose continuous support brings EWSIS students to such exciting achievements!

For more information, please contact Ms. Pechersky at: lpechersky@ewsis.org

Stay tuned for updates and photos.

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With nearly 3,000 colleges to choose from with a 4-year degree in the United States and over 22,000 universities worldwide, the process of selecting a college, let alone a degree of study, can be an overwhelming process.  In an effort to support a college going culture  Ms. Washington, our Director of College Counseling at East-West, for the third year in a row organized a day trip for all our high school students to visit and explore their college options.


Our graduating seniors getting ready to visit St. Thomas Aquinas…

and Fairfield University.

and Fairfield University.

Photo opportunity with our 11th graders before they visit Yale...

Photo opportunity with our 11th graders before they visit Yale…

Mercy College...

Mercy College…

and Mount Saint Vincent.

and Mount Saint Vincent.

Drew University...

Drew University…

Concordia College...

Concordia College…

and Manhattanville for our 10th graders.

and Manhattanville for our 10th graders.

As for our 9th graders..

They had the opportunity to explore LIU Brooklyn...

They had the opportunity to explore LIU Brooklyn…




All East-West high school students had the opportunity to visit various colleges in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

This was a wonderful day when students were able to view college campuses, network with college admissions counselors, learn about the various components of the admissions process, and learn more about what it means to be college ready.

As we prepare your child for college (and beyond) we realize that it is important for them to have a clear academic path; this day provides that as they have the opportunity to learn about what colleges are looking for so that they can tailor their academic courses accordingly. For example, this might mean that your child might decide to enroll in a College Now or AP course or maybe take advantage of our Kaplan led SAT prep class while enrolled at East-West.

Overall the day was a huge success, as East-West students visited a total of 10 different schools and were able to share a variety of wonderful experiences.

Stay tuned for more photos from their trip.

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Celebrating Harumatsuri at the United Nations International School in Manhattan

Celebrating Harumatsuri at the United Nations International School in Manhattan

On Monday March 24, 29 high school students from our Japanese language program in grades 10, 11, and 12 attended Harumatsuri, a Japanese Culture Festival held annually in New York City.

Harumatsuri Taiko Drummer and Music Performer: Kaoru Watanabe

rice cake pounding

Yuan Zhi tries his strength at Japanese rice cake pounding


Ishaque pairing up with a buddy in Body Kanji in which they form Japanese characters with their body


Carmen wearing a Yukata, a Japanese garment, also described as a casual summer kimono.


Lunch break! We’re all enjoying our obentoo, japanese lunch box.

The students travelled to the United Nations International School in Manhattan.  During the all-day event, over 250 Japanese language students from throughout the tri-state area visited over 60 interactive booths and themed areas to experience Japanese culture through hands-on activities such as rice-cake pounding, folk dancing lessons, traditional story-telling presentation, yukata dress-up, speeches, and skits in Japanese.  Students were required and challenged to speak Japanese to participate in the activities.  For some students, this annual event is their closest experience to visiting Japan, for others, it motivates them to want to travel to Japan to further their learning.  In all, it was a great experience filled with fond memories till the next festival.


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Ms. Pechersky:

Right after the mid-winter break, on February 24, my students went to Queens College to attend the stage reading of the new play “Freedom High” by Adam Kraar. The multi-racial cast was composed of students alongside professional actors in an experiential learning opportunity for all, including the audience. During our pre- and post-visit activities and throughout the play, our students were able to learn about the struggle for the Civil Rights from the very participants of these historic events.

According to the performance producers, “In Neshoba County, Mississippi in June of 1964 three Civil Rights workers, James Chaney, Michael Schwerner, and Andrew Goodman, a student at Queens College, were brutally murdered.  The story of 50 years ago focuses on a week when black Civil Rights veterans trained hundreds of white volunteers to work in Mississippi registering black voters.   Jessica Kuplevsky, a white woman who signs up for the training, has no idea what dangers lie ahead. Through her eyes, the play tracks a variety of characters—volunteers from all over America including Civil Rights workers and ministers, as well as racists from Mississippi. With the news of the deaths of Chaney, Schwerner and Goodman, Jessica faces a terrifying test of faith. “

Asher Hashmi, 9th grade:

The play was very realistic. At some point I thought I was in the past, and the scenes were very interesting. I loved the story of the play, and it was on the event that happened in the past, so I feel sad for the way black people were mistreated then.

Christian Yu, 9th grade:

The stage reading of the play “Freedom High” was actually realistic. I feel like I was in 1964 to see how the Whites hated the Blacks. When I first saw the play, the protagonist named Jessica tried to help Henry, an African-American. Then, people started to call Jessica a “N-Lover”. It was really scary. The performance was all about drama, romance, and friendship. They affect the people (actors and actresses) and the others around them. I think the performance was more realistic than ever.

The play production for “Freedom High” was beautiful. There was a scene inside a church, when the lighting in the background represented “The light of the Lord”. The conclusion to the play “Freedom High” was like a speech given to the public. Jessica and her friends wanted to end this “nightmare”, so Blacks and Whites could be equal. This ending was amazing.

Here is an opportunity, which is open to the public, to learn more about Queens College 50th Anniversary Civil Rights Project.

Nelson Freedom Summer eFLYER

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