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Ms. Horowitz (Phys. Ed. teacher & Coach) writes:

MainSen Koo finished 2nd in the 6th grade long jump and has now qualified for City Championships.

MainKong Koo finished 1st in the 7/8 grade long jump and has now qualified for City Championships.

The 7/8 grade 4 X 100 relay team (MainKong Koo, Sam Lee, Jackie Liu and Jason Benavides) finished in 1st place and have qualified for City Championships.

The following placed but did not qualify for City Championships:

The 6th grade boys 4 X 100 relay finished 3rd.
David Singh finished 5th in  the 7/8 grade long jump.
Patrick Wong finished 4th in the 7/8 grade shot put.

These results are from all Queens Middle Schools.

The championships will be on June 4th on Randalls Island.

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Ms. Hartong with her backstage crew during play rehearsal

Ms. Hartong, a former actress, playwright, and director is a new Drama teacher at East-West! She is responsible for organizing our first school play and is contributing greatly to the growth of our school. Ms. Hartong is also a Theater professor at Brooklyn College.

She was born in Greenwich, Connecticut in 1968 and graduated from Smith College at the age of 22. Ms. Hartong started her own theater company in Massachusetts, where she also studied Shakespeare at Shakespeare and Company.

Before beginning her career as a teacher, she was involved in many aspects of professional drama. In 1994, Ms. Hartong even became a stand-up comic in Amsterdam, Netherlands! She began an international tour as a one woman show and continued to direct plays. This journey allowed her to gain knowledge about different forms of acting and enhanced her acting.

Thanks to these experiences, she won a Jerome Grant award for playwrighting. She participated in the Best of the Fringe Festival in Montreal, Canada and is a member of the Lincoln Center Director’s Lab in NYC.

After being satisfied with her acting career, she decided to settle down and realized she wanted to teach youth about acting and its significance. To fulfill this goal, she participated in the International Theatre and Literacy Project in Tanzania, as an arts educator to teach the students there how to express themselves through acting.

Ms. Hartong applied this teaching experience when she returned to the U.S. and officially began teaching around 2004. In the beginning, she taught elementary school students and then branched out into higher grades. This is when she became part of the staff at East-West.


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East-West community members, students,  teachers, and administration welcome our visitors from Hangzhou No. 14. From Chinese sister school

On April 14th, East-West welcomed delegates from Hangzhou No. 14 Middle School to solidify our new relationship as sister schools. Our guests visited classrooms to learn about our teaching methods and met with students and staff.

We held a press conference to announce our partnership and answer questions from the community about our new roles, the benefits to our schools, and our educational philosophies. Members of our Community Advisory Board were present, as well as local and national media.

From left to right: Alfred Rankins, Linna Yu, Pauline Chu, Shirley Bryant, Margie Chen (Duo Wei Times), Zhen Ping Dai (Sino Television), Susan Yu (The China Press). Not shown: Dorothy Woo, Connor Streets (Flushing Times), Felicia Guo (World Journal). From Chinese sister school

Teachers from both schools are encouraged to form collaborative projects and have their students work together. We look forward to seeing how we can learn from each other. Here are examples of how they have collaborated with sister schools abroad in the past.

Profile from the Zhejiang Foreign Experts Affairs office:

Hangzhou No. 14 Middle School established in 1904 and is recognized as a first-grade provincial key middle school in 1996, is one of the most historically famous middle schools in Zhejiang Province.

As a key foreign-related unit, the school is globally oriented and has strengthened international exchanges in cooperation. It has successfully established the widespread relations with Britain, USA, France, Australia, Japan, and others.

Visit their school website to learn more!

Excerpt from the Flushing Times:

East met West at the East-West School of International Studies in Flushing Tuesday afternoon.

The occasion that brought the two hemispheres together was the arrival of a principal and social studies teacher from the institution’s new sister school, Hangzhou No. 14 Middle School in Zhejiang, China.

The representatives met with East-West Principal Ben Sherman, faculty members and Chinese language students in order to exchange ideas about teaching and learning as well as to get a feel for one another’s cultures…

“We are preparing students for a world in which Asia is growing in importance,” Sherman said. “To our guests from the Hangzhou school, we are looking to build this relationship so that principal to principal, teacher to teacher and student to student we can learn from each other …. This kind of cross-cultural pollination, like the coming of spring, helps to re-energize our schools.”

Click here to read more.

The principals from both schools wrote “East” and “West” in Chinese characters to commemorate the event. The banner is displayed in the principal’s office. From Chinese sister school

Visit the album for the event to see more photos.

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