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Night Market at East-West

In celebration of the Chinese New Year, our Chinese Culture Club invites all to attend the first Chinese Night Market at East-West.

Chinese Night Market.2016

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Our High School Expanding ENL students had the opportunity to attend the Broadway show, Allegiance, on January 20th.  The show, based on George Takei’s life during his internment during WWII, reinforces what the students have been learning as they read Farewell to Manzanar.


HS ENL Students attending the Broadway Musical show, Allegiance, with Judy Lee, Department Chair/ESL teacher.

“I enjoyed the Broadway show so much!  It made me become more interested in musicals.  In Allegiance, Japanese-Americans didn’t have the human rights that they should have.  They couldn’t go anywhere.  They had to stay in the camp even though they were American citizens and that is not equality for them.  From Allegiance, the Broadway show, I felt the magic of music.  I found that not only the written word can express emotion, but also music can do that.

It is like how some people feel about Muslims.  Muslims are different to them, so they want to keep them out of the country, just because they are different, but really, they just have a different religion.”  -Jialu Shou


“I made the connection that freedom and equality of people were not the same.  Japanese-Americans went into internment camps and had no freedom and were not equal to other American citizens.  That was my first time watching a broadway show, but it is not the first time I saw a musical.  They sing with the emotion of the character.

It is like ISIS and people who have the same religion as they do, the Muslims.  They are being treated differently, as the Japanese-Americans in the internment camps were, because they are different.”  -Chaochao Lin

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